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Corporate Language Training

Promolingua's corporate language training courses are customised to meet your organisation's needsIf you want need people in your business or organisation to learn new languages or improve their existing ability then PromoLingua's corporate language training packages are an effective way to make progress.  And our courses provide both language skills and the enhanced cultural awareness that makes the difference in business and social situations.

We offer customised training courses in the major business languages (including French, German, Italian and Spanish) for individuals or groups.  All of our trainers are native speakers and fully qualified teachers.  We can run training courses at your premises or at specially chosen training facilities around the country.

Bespoke Language Training Solutions

PromoLingua's experience is that the best way to learn a language is to have a bespoke solution that not only meets the learner’s timescales and abilities but also the learner’s social and professional requirements. We take the view that customer service, structured learning and constructive feedback are just as important as the sessions themselves.

We work with each corporate client very closely to understand their specific language needs and define a training plan:

  • Prior to the language course commencement, a PromoLingua consultant will help the participants to identify and clarify their ability level, objectives, interests and needs.
  • Following this assessment we design a customized language training plan that meets the needs of participants and the organisation.
  • We select the appropriate course material for the language, organisation and training need and provide a full pack for learners
  • Throughout the language training, progress is monitored with feedback provided to help the learners to achieve their goals.

Training Arrangements

We recognise the need to be highly flexible in the design and delivery of corporate training courses.  All of our teaching can take place on your premises (or at selected training facilities) at your and your employees’ convenience.  You tell us when you can fit training in and we will construct a course and a schedule that meets your needs.

PromoLingua guarantees that your staff language learning will be an enjoyable, effective and rewarding experience.

Cultural Awareness

Developing learners' language skills and capabilities will enhance their ability to provide services for your organisation, of course.  PromoLingua adds something else to its training courses, which we believe makes the difference between just good and absolutely great: cultural awareness.

A portion of each course is dedicated to an exploration of the cultural differences with the country (or countries) in question.  This means that your people will be able to interact far more successfully with clients and contacts and establish strong, longlasting business relationships.

Training Standards

All our teachers are native speakers, fully qualified to teach their mother tongue as a foreign language. They offer a great deal of teaching experience and an understanding of various teaching methods, which they can use according to the learners' needs. PromoLingua selects trainers for their academic skills as well as their interpersonal skills because we believe the relation between the learner and their teacher is a key factor in the learning process.

Whatever your language training or cultural awareness requirements contact us to discover what  solutions we can provide. We look forward to hearing from you.


Client Testimonials

“PromoLingua has acted as a translator for me when Italian clients were in England. They also provide me with excellent and rapid written translations. It is a very good service that I wish I had discovered a few years ago.”

Managing Director, Avante Ltd

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